" I'm the knife in the dreaming, or whatever"

Static Man is a major character in season 3, and Left of the Dial.

Static Man

Man me a static

Make it the cutest

Man car door hook hand



He has a real "frat-boy" vibe and seems like he never completely grew up. Despite his fun, cheerful nature, Static Man has absolutely no qualms with violence, and messily eviscerates a considerable number of people, even joking about it afterwards.

Physical AppearanceEdit

• made of static and teeth

• non-euclidian • "you carry him like a person": unconcious he is human shaped enough to carry

• and sleeping in a bed (I assume under sheets/blankets) doesn't seem to be an issue

• when he and Nicholas first drive through the portal Nicholas can't tell if he's touching the radio, I assume because he's blurred out/dissipated

• but has hands solid enough to flip pancakes, read a book, play with the radio

• and give a thumbs up

• "Proverbial legs", also footsteps are not soundscaped in for him

• described as both person shaped and an orb at various points


Before Season 3Edit

Season 3Edit

Before Left of the DialEdit

Left of the DialEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Vocal Imitation: Although he often forgets he can do it, Static Man is able to imitate voices he's heard, as well as miscellaneous noises. We hear him imitate Alistar, Nicholas, Chris, Dan, and the damaged car. He also uses this effect to create a more indimidating voice with which to startle people.
  • Superhuman Strength: He's very strong and can push a car absolutely no issue.
  • Superhuman Stamina: He doesn't get tired. It's unclear [IS IT?] if he even needs to sleep, but he still can.
  • Evisceration: Made largely of teeth, he is capable of tearing right through people in a splatter of gore and bone fragments, almost effortlessly.
  • Tape recorder split: He has demonstrated duplicating a tape recorder.
  • Preprogram phone numbers: It's unclear if this one is him, possibly it is the Payphone, but he is able to ensure Nicholas' next phone has his number already programmed into it.
  • Storage: He demonstrated to store and call forth a tape. He jokingly says it feels "like [he's] giving birth". Unclear how this works, if it is stored within him, or whether it is comparable to producing a tape the same way Christine Anderson or The Representative of The Curator does.
  • Recorder Travel: Static Man is able to travel distances using recorders and phones, dissapearing into one and exiting through the other.



Nicholas WatersEdit

Though polite, Nicholas is initially a bit nervous around Static Man, though hides it quite well.

Christine AndersonEdit

Chris and Static Man hit it off right away, both a little immature and silly. She's very chill with him, and excited by his powers.


Having taken his body after he broke a contract, Static Man finds himself working for The Payphone System.


Alexa PendrasEdit

At some point, Alexa hired Static Man, assumedly to get rid of someone. He still has her number, and she is less than impressed to recieve a phone call from him. Alexa is hostile to people she feels she can't trust, so he has clearly not left a good impression with her.


Left of the DialEdit


  • He somehow knows about Dan and Mark's situation, using it to torment Dromen, but is also familiar with Dan's voice, so it's entirely possible he's heard the podcast.
  • Loves Popeyes.
  • Low-key weeb, he likes Dragonball Z, Cowboy Beebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man. He's not a fan of Full Metal Alchemist.
  • Watched and played Pokemon as a kid, his starter of choice is Squirtle.
  • Likes the Orange and Yellow Starbursts.
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