Rat (Jacob Lester) is a minor character appearing in season 1, and major character in season 2.

Rat appears briefly in the first season as Jacob Lester, a member of the Visser Historical Society, and the first resident of Visser interviewed by Melody Pendras.

In the second season, he reappears as Rat, an LMG employee in The Outpost in The City, initially without a name. He performs surgery on Dan on behalf of LMG, replacing much of his body with audio equipment, and continues monitoring Dan after his surgery.

Personality Edit

Jacob Lester is a hostile, nervous man who is quick to criticise and uncomfortable talking to other people, especially those outside The Historical Society, who he believes to have "limited perception". He is often trying to make himself appear more important than he actually is.

Some 22 years later, his exposure to weirdness has affected him a great deal, both in terms of his personality, and his personal memory, which is heavily absent to the point of forgetting his own name (or so he claims). Nicknamed Rat, he is an impish creature and difficult to read, due to his contrary nature, tendency toward deception, and as his weirdness seems to have affected the way in which he understands the world around him. He is very childish, both in mannerisms and personality; he never swears, is very excitable, tends to sulk and always does things on his own terms. He is, unfortunately, prone to deceiving people, and almost all of his apparently well-meant actions appear have some kind of ulterior motive. He has no concern for the suffering of others and easily disregards the pain he causes for the sake of his own interests.

Without his God and his cult, Rat has begun to feel lonely and lost in a way he cannot fix. He is outwardly very polite and accommodating with people he wants to like him, notably Dan (his favourite "creation") and his bosses at LMG, but is dismissive and uncaring with people he deems unimportant or uninteresting, such as Clara, Lou, and Suit. He also often talks badly about the bosses behind their backs. He is impatient and either is incapable of, or simply refuses to see things from other people's perspectives. He is very curious, and knows how to get things to work the way he wants them to (regardless of how they should actually work). He dislikes confrontation, generally avoiding it, and sulking when he can't.

He takes great pride in his work and delights in sharing it with others. He sees beauty in the weird and horrific and wishes to share it with the world, especially people he likes.

Visual AppearanceEdit

Jacob is never described.

As Rat, he has modified his body beyond being immediately recognisable as human, reflected in his array of nicknames, but it's unclear what exactly is inhuman about him. He still has knees, hands, and he can still wear a shirt or jacket. He is implied to be shorter than Dan and Suit. In addition to walking he sometimes "scurries".


Early HistoryEdit

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Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Shortcuts: Jacob demonstrates the signature teleportation of Visser dedicates, able to move around the building with ease, and vanish when he needs to. Rat seems to demonstrate this in The Outpost as well (E15).
  • Altered Anatomy: Rat does not need to eat, drink, or breathe to survive. He can't eat, unclear if he can drink, and he still breathes, considering it to be fun. Unclear if he needs to sleep, but he still can.
  • Favours: By offering various bodily fluids (assumedly to The Choir), Rat can effectively perform minor miracles, generally in order to make a piece of technology do something.
  • Sorcerer: Rat has some history as a skilled ritualist, his "flesh-writings" on par in notoriety with Michael Waters' audio logs and the diaries of Viola Cranvis.

Relationships Edit

Samuel Edit

Samuel's right-hand man, Jacob takes stock in everything he says. The leader of the Visser Historical Society, Samuel is idolized, Rat repeating his speeches word-for-word even years later.

Melody PendrasEdit

Jacob is hostile to


His "God", Rat remains a dedicate to Visser decades later

Daniel Powell Edit

The way Dan and Rat see each other is quite different; Dan understandably distrusts and initially dislikes Rat, becoming easily frustrated with him, while Rat is a big fan of Dan from the podcast, and sees him as his prize creation. Rat cares a lot about Dan, though it's difficult to tell if this is just as his creation, or as his friend as well, as it doesn't extend much beyond physical wellbeing. Rat wants Dan's friendship, something he asks of nobody else, but seems to care more about the idea of Dan, than who he actually is, his wants and needs.

As his prize creation, Rat takes great pride in showing Dan off. Like Clara and Lou initially, he doesn't consider Dan to be the same person as he was before the operation. Rat believes Dan is now more like him, and so should think and feel the same, but also gets upset when Dan seems different than on the podcast, stating "that version of you is a lie, and I am very disappointed". Thinking Dan is like him, Rat often wonders why Dan bothers worrying about "the humans" (Clara and Lou). While he seems to worry about Dan, sometimes helping him get around or scalding him when he doesn't take care of himself, it rarely extends beyond physical, seemingly worried his prize project will be damaged. He is determined that Dan learn to love and appreciate his new body, and connection to The City, to approve of the hard work Rat is so proud of.

While Rat adores Dan as a friend and creation, greeting him cheerily, calling him cute, and getting joy from Dan using his nickname, he has little respect for Dan as a person. Rat dismisses Dan's autonomy and never considers if Dan should have a say in his own body, to the point of incubating a leviathan within him with neither knowledve or consent. While he apologisies for hiding the last bit, he's never sorry for anything else, believing Dan should be grateful for everything right up until the end. Rat lacks respect that Dan has his own thoughts and feelings, and while he makes small gestures of comfort, has no actual room for Dan's worries and opinions, usually dismissing them out of hand.

He seems to also frequently withhold useful information, ensuring Dan becomes better acquainted with both The City and his new body in order to find it. When Dan eventually asks Rat and Suit to leave the outpost with him, Rat agrees, having no reason to stay.

Over time, Dan begins to relax around Rat, even showing some care for him, though this largely seems to be pity, as Dan believes Rat has been "kicked around enough". While any trust Dan develops for Rat seems to be ruined following his "birth", he has a hard time blaming Rat for the awful things he's done, believing he's become "confused", and simply trying to treat him kindly. For obvious reasons, the two are never able to connect interpersonally.

Suit/Caroline LeviEdit


Neither Rat nor Clara are particularly interested in getting to know the other; as an unchanged human, Rat sees Clara as different, uninteresting, and unable to understand him. Likewise, identifying Rat as part of the weirdness, Clara has no interest in getting to know him, and as with Dan and Suit initially, seems to avoid interacting with Rat whenever possible. Even when Clara becomes comfortable with Dan and Caroline, she shows no interest in talking to, let alone befriending, Rat. Though he casually refers to her and Lou as friends, he is nonchalant about their deaths, and is surprised Dan cares whether she survives.



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