Nicholas Waters is one of the Protagonists of Season 3, and Left of the Dial. [PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

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Nicholas is academic, driven, and a bit obsessive.

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Nicholas is a described as handsome but scrawny, and looks a bit like his father, his grandfather, and also the lead singer of Grizzly Bear. He is 27 in Season 3, and 29/30 in Left of the Dial. For the first four episodes of Season 3 he has a moustache, though shaves it off as part of a minor ritual, and apparently looks younger without it, Chris joking that he "looks about ten". It is unclear whether he grows it back between then and Left of the Dial. After a failed ritual he sustains a severe leg injury and uses a cane for the rest of Season 3. The leg seems to have healed enough by Left of the Dial for him to walk a fair distance, and to dance (poorly), though due to the severity of the injury it is probably he still uses a cane on and off.

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redacted but a sorcerer

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  • Likes: The Magnetic Field, Kashi bars, Over the Garden Wall, but not a huge Adventure time fan, fried chicken (but has standards, seems fond of a local place called Charles'), and Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • Nicholas is right-handed
  • He's "barely tried pot"
  • Moved around a lot as a kid.
  • Didn't have a lot of friends, play Pokemon, or go to church or synagogue as a kid
  • Hasn't got much of a social network, and didn't go to a lot of parties in college either.
  • Has a whole rant about why Harry Potter isn't good (he's right)
  • He has kissed a dying god.

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