Mark is a secondary character appearing throughout the Archive 81 series.







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Nothing is known about Mark's appearance.

As Dromen, they look different from person to person. Christine sees them as something of a cloud, made of old 1940s recording equipment. Nicholas describes them as "a bit like the robot from Metropolis, but with strange angles, and too many mouths".


His first appears in season 1, when he talks to Dan on the phone and narrates the end credits of both the real Archive 81 podcast, and the fictional podcast he has created out of Dan's recordings. In the first episode, Mark states that Dan sent him the 100 hours recordings he made while at the archive right before he disappeared, and that he created the podcast in order to find anyone with information about Dan's whereabouts.

Mark appears as Dromen after season 1, giving the openings and closings of season 2, appearing as a minor antagonist in season 3, and in The Golden Age as the foleyman and Dromen.


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Mark and Dan are friends from college. Dan considers Mark his best friend, for good reason, as Mark is consistently shown to go above and beyond to help Dan. The two are very close and care about each other a great deal.

Mark knows Dan very well, being very in-the-know about Dan's life, including his personal projects, and has known Dan well for long enough to make of his dating history. Dan seems to know who Mark's coworkers are, and thinks of him when making terrible jokes. He is the first person Dan calls when he needs help, and is clearly someone Dan trusts and can rely on a great deal. In season 2, Dan suspects Mark is the reason he got captured, not intentionally, but a lack of security when releasing the podcast, and is somewhat frustrated with him for it. Mark goes so far as to become Dromen in order to get Dan out of the city, and even after becoming Dromen, Dan still considers them his best friend. Dromen is also still incredibly fond of Dan; Static Man taunting them with Dan's voice about an apparent betrayal is a more painful thought than seeing more members of The Cult killed, and they are willing to let Chris and Nicholas go in order to free him, despite all the destruction they have caused. [NOTE: THIS IS A DUPLICATE OF DAN'S, PLEASE REWRITE WHEN POSSIBLE]

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Little is known about Mark and Tanya's relation other then that they don't get along, a significant clash of personality. Neither of them tries to pretend this isn't the case. Mark calls her "slightly controlling", and takes issue with her taste in books.


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