Jesse was a young resident of Visser, interviewed by Melody on April 12th, 1994. He agrees to help Melody in her investigation into Samuel and The Visser Historical Society.


Jesse is charming, energetic and enthusiastic, with a fun sense of humour. He's described as "hyperactive", and never slowing down. He's hard-working, brave, caring and more than a bit silly.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jesse is described as 17, African-American, and tall.


Jesse was born in Visser, on the 3rd floor East Stairwell. He grew up and lived on the 12th floor. His Mom was often busy working when he was growing up, and so Jesse would look after his little brother, Reggie, spending much time exploring Visser. As a result, he knows the building extremely well. At 17, he attends high school during the day, and runs errands and shopping for tips from the residents of Visser.

On April 12th, 1994, Jesse meets and is interviewed by Melody Pendras about his time in Visser and his job as a runner. He agrees to help her investigate The Visser Historical Society. On April 13th, 1994, Jesse brings a recorder to eavesdrop on The Visser Historical Society's biweekly meeting. Tragically he is discovered by Samuel, and dies as Samuel feeds Visser his story, and him along with it. As a result of his story being consumed, almost nobody remembers he even existed, with the exception of Samuel and Melody, who, at that point, both hold a piece of Visser (The entity) within them.


Melody PendrasEdit

Melody and Jesse only meet the one time, but they get on very well, Melody easily charmed by his enthusiasm and sense of humour. Jesse is a driving force in Melody's continued investigation of Samuel, and feels somewhat responsible for his death.


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