Christine Anderson is one of the protagonists of Season 3.


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Christine is cool, tenacious and impulsive. She is intelligent, but does not consider herself particularly academic, swapping degrees multiple times and stating she was "bad at college". Chris is quite casual and very witty, though often immature in her sense of humour. She is more than willing to stand up for herself and the people she cares about, to the point of physical confrontation, and does not shy away from telling people outright exactly what she thinks. She is also a decent actor, great at feigning confidence in the rare moments she doesn't have any.

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Christine is, for the most part, not described in much detail. She is noted on multiple occasions to be attractive. In episode 27 she dyes her red as part of a ritual, which she considers to make her look "punk as fuck", and her hair colour is once again changed, this time to white, when she sells the colour in episode 28. She is likely in her early 20s. She is physically stronger than Nicholas, and so is unlikely to be as scrawny as he is.

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  • Chris is left-handed
  • Born in New York
  • Implied to be a pretty good sword-fighter
  • Chris has asthma
  • She is deathly allergic to bees

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