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Archive 81 can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, RadioPublic, and all major podcast apps. The show is currently on hiatus with a fourth season planned, but no release date scheduled.

Archive 81 is a found footage horror podcast created by Dead Signals about ritual, stories, and sound.

All Mark Sollinger knows is that his friend Dan was employed by the Housing Historical Committee of New York State to archive audio tapes from their extensive collection after that he dissappeared off the face of the earth. Dan sent him 100 hours of audio file to which Mark made into a podcast to be reviewed in itunes and supported by Patreon. Please bare with us, this Wiki is currently under construction and updates everyday as of June 2020 by the Archive 69 discord's Resource Team. Please god, help us. Here's the join link:

Oh, you are here! Or visions of you are? Or one of you is a vision and the other one is real? Or perhaps I am the vision and- </blockquote>

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