Melody shares breakfast with Alexa, and interviews a security guard who refuses to answer her questions. Dan calls Mark, who gives him information about the Visser building.


Tape 1: Melody’s tape recorder is malfunctioning so she asks her partner, Alexa, to help her check levels. The two joke and flirt. Alexa expresses concern at Melody's overworking.

Dan finally calls Mark. They talk briefly, giving each other news. Mark expresses concern for Dan's wellbeing. Mark is a journalist, so Dan asks him to dig up information about the HHCNYS, Melody Pendras, and Visser, since the internet doesn’t really work where he is living.

Tape 2: Melody is interviewing the security guard on May 5th, 11:21 am, on the first floor of Visser, in the monitoring room. The security guard gives his name as John Smith. His job is to sit in a room and watch camera footage from the entire building. Melody desperately asks him about Jesse, but he does not remember anyone named Jesse matching Melody's description. Jesse’s family has also forgotten about him. Smith tells her that if she really believes that Jesse has been wiped from everyone’s memories but hers, then she should be more worried about what this kind of power could do to her.

During a powercut, Dan begins to hear The Visser song, and becomes lost in it, though Ratty's squeaking pulls him out of it. The two go to watch a movie when Dan hears back from Mark, who says that the Housing Historical Committee of New York State and the Urban Preservation and Development Department of New York State do not exist in any public record. Through a lot of digging, he also finds out that the Visser building was owned by a Baas Holdings Incorporated between 1951 and 1994. The person at ACRIS who tells him this also reveals that the shelf containing records about Baas Holdings was set on fire about 20 years ago. Mark also finds a Melody Pendras, age 40, former social worker, through a quick google search, and gives Dan her number.

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