Dan is talking to his girlfriend, Tanya, on the phone when he is interrupted by a call from Davenport. There is a monitoring software connected to Dan’s recorder that informed Davenport that it was turned off for 39 minutes and 22 seconds the previous day. Davenport sternly reminds Dan that the recorder must be kept switched on at all times. Dan then plays a tape.

Tape: Melody is interviewing Tamara Morris on February 20th, at 6:40 pm on the sixth floor of Visser. She has been living in Visser for 2-3 years and moved here because it was cheap. Tamara writes opera, and plays some of her works for Melody. -The first piece is a recording of a block party, slowed down about 200 times. She wants it to be played while hooded figures move on the stage very slowly. The opera ends when the audience decides to leave. -The second piece is called “Dinner Party Music”. It is a recording of Tamara being beat up, and is supposed to sound like people at dinner kicking each other beneath the table while laughing and joking above it. -The third piece is called “Purgatory”. It is a cacophony of various voices. Tamara says it is a cast recording that she choreographed to be completely in the dark. Melody feels dizzy after listening to these. Tamara intends them to be difficult to listen to. They start talking about Visser- Tamara says that she stays away from the historical society but otherwise doesn’t really care about anything else as she is mostly focused on writing her magnum opus. She plays it for Melody. It is beautiful, haunting piano music. When Melody asks about the piece, Tamara says “...the idea of the piece is to create music that can demolish barriers. And to get people to build their houses with the debris.” Melody starts to feel nauseous listening to it, and has to leave. Tamara yells at her to go as far away as possible if she’s going to be such a coward.

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