Dan tries to explain the tapes and archives to Tanya. Melody interviews a man who loses the ability to see one person's face a day.


Dan listens to a tape of Melody trying to record the Visser song in various parts of the building on May 17th, June 3rd, and June 16th, with no luck.

Dan finally calls Tanya, admitting he saw her 48 messages but never got back to her. His work has really been affecting him and Tanya gets worried. In an attempt to get her to understand how "important" his work is, he finds a tape to play for her.

Tape: Melody is interviewing Craig Simmons on July 23rd, at 5:13 pm, on the sixth floor of Visser. Craig works at a ticketing booth in Grand Central station. He sees upwards of a thousand faces everyday, and has to look at each face for at least 15 seconds for his job. He’s been trying to get a job at an airport to get this number up and not have so many repeats. He does this because every day for the last few months, one face has gone blank. The faces look like “Flesh masks. No features, no eyes, no nose, no mouth, nothing. Just the color of their skin. And it’s all just a little blurry.” It is usually one of the people at the station, but one time, while sick his girlfriend insisted he stay at home. Since she was the only face he saw that day, it went blank and stayed that way, He said her face still felt normal but it creeped him out, so they broke up soon after. He tried to live in another building but that did not solve the problem. Melody asks him about the Visser song, he says he’s heard it and hums it for her. At the end of the interview he reveals Melody's face looks blank to him.

Dan pleads with Tanya to see that there is something powerful about these tapes. Tanya is concerned and asks him to seek help. Dan pleads with her and she asks him to never call her again. Immediately after, Davenport calls Dan and reprimands him for playing a tape to a civilian. He tells Dan that he is a special case and they don’t know what another person might do when they hear these tapes. Dan comes to realize that Davenport has been listening to everything all this time. Dan throws a hissy fit but stops when he hears the Visser song. He follows the sound to the tape library, finds a fake wall, rips it off and finds a tape.

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  • This episode is named for Craig's annoying problem.
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