Dan attempts to call Melody Pendras. Dan and Mr.Davenport discuss the nature of Dan's work and he convinces Dan to finishing archiving the tapes. Melody interviews a man who cannot have his picture taken.


Dan calls the number for Melody Pendras that Mark gives him in the last episode. Davenport picks up instead, saying that they wanted to know about Melody and thus put this number on the internet along with her information, to direct anyone looking for her to himself. Dan almost packs up and leaves, but Davenport convinces him to stay, making him aware of a certain connection he has to this place, and a deep need to finish the story.

Tape 1: Melody is interviewing Joshua Martinez on May 22nd, 6:29 pm, on the fifth floor of Visser. Joshua has lived in Visser for five or six years. He moved here right after high school to live with a coworker, Victor, and because the rent was cheap. He believes her story about Jesse’s disappearance from everyone’s memories, but tells her it just sounds like “normal New York bullshit”. He takes her to speak to Victor, but the tape cuts off.

Dan finds a marking on the previous tape that also appears on two other tapes, and decides to play those next.

Tape 2: Melody is interviewing Joshua again, now 6:38 pm, on the fifth floor of Visser. Joshua is telling Melody how his roommate Victor Rivera can’t be photographed or recorded, ever since he was a child. She tries a different mic placement to try and record Victor. As Joshua asks Victor to come closer, there is tape distortion and the recording cuts off.
Tape 3: Melody is still trying to record Victor, now 8:14 pm, on the fifth floor of Visser. She starts walking towards him from a distance of sixty feet, and manages to reach thirty five feet away from him before there is tape distortion and the recording cuts off.

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  •  The date for tapes 2 and 3 is stated as February 12th in the original script, but since Melody's work in Visser starts on February 17th, this is a mistake,  the recordings taking place just after each other, on May 22nd.
  • This episode is named for Victor, and Melody's inability to record him.
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